2019 Spring Fundraiser -
Thursday, April 11, 2019


For Spring 2019, our fundraiser will be $20 Gold Tickets that offer discounts and promotions to many of the best places around town.   

They expire in April 2020 so you have 1 year to take advantage of the offers from the 12 supporting businesses. 

Each player that didn't opt out of the fundraiser is encouraged to sell a minimum of 5 cards for $20 each for a total of $100.  However, we are also offering prizes starting at selling 10 cards that include socks, slides, hoodies, $100 Dicks Sporting Goods gift card, and top team prizes.  

Can my player still sell if I opted out?  YES!   We can get you the cards and just deduct the original opt out fee of $35 from the submitted payment. 

Can I still opt out?  Of course but the league benefits more if each player sells 5.  We really appreciate if you can try to sell the minimum of 5. 

How do I get more cards?  Your coach or team parent will give you your first 5 cards and a flyer.  Please email Jaime or Brad for more cards.

What are the prizes look like? See lyer for pictures and for all other details. The fundraiser flyer, the supporting business, and more information at http://ephratabaseball.org/fundraising

To get more cards, email Jaime Ochs at jaime.ochs@icloud.com or Brad Murphy at info@ephratabaseball.org 

By May 5th, return remaining cards and money collected for sold cards to your coach or team parent.  Checks can be made out to EBA. 

Thank you for your support and good luck in earning those prizes!

Jaime Ochs

Fundraiser Coordinator