EBA Board Changes & Open Positions
Thursday, October 4, 2018

As we start our new year we wanted to share some changes and thank the members for their service!

  • Paul Gockley has resigned as EBA President after more than 5 years of serving in this capacity.  Paul's leadership has guided us through many changes and led our sponsorship efforts.  Thank you Paul for your long-lasting contributions to Ephrata baseball!

  • Although we don't want to lose Paul, we are excited to announce that Jeremy Jones was elected as our new EBA President effective 10/1/2018.  Jeremy has been our Ephrata Little League President for several years and also volunteers in several other youth sports organizations in Ephrata.  Thank you Jeremy for your years of service and for your willingness to continue to serve in this new role.  

  • There are some new faces to our team in the past several months. Thank you for being willing to invest your time and energy for the benefit of our baseball community!

    • Bobby Miller - Sponsorship & Annual Gold Tournament Coordinator

    • Jaime Ochs - Fundraiser & Picture Day Coordinator

    • Darrin Lytle - Parent Member

Open Positions: We do have several positions open. Thank you for considering how you can get involved!

  • EBA Little League President

    • (varying hours from Jan-June; Monthly meetings required as position as voting responsibilities)

  • AA Kid Pitch Coordinator 

    • (2 hours per week from Feb-June; Monthly meetings not required but recommended in Jan-April)

  • Volunteer Coordinator

    • (2 hours per week from Jan-April; Monthly meetings not required but recommended in Jan-April; Aug and Sept)

Please visit http://www.ephratabaseball.org/eba-board for job descriptions or contact Jeremy Jones or Brad Murphy.

Thanks again to all of our volunteers from coaches, team mom's, and board members!

On behalf of the EBA,

Brad Murphy

PR Director