Fall Programs

For this fall, we are changing how we are doing things and we believe it will be a fundamental change that will benefit all of us for years to come.  We are transitioning to an in-house program instead of being part of the LCYBL for the fall and are offering 2 unique & independent programs.

Our vision for the fall is to safely continue player growth in skills, knowledge, and confidence via a unique and focused supplemental program during the traditional off-season. 

Registration is closed for the fall. 

Program 1: Mounts Hardball Academy

Focus: Instructional training on hitting, position specific, and in-game situational training. We will eliminate keeping score and stats with no-umpire, non-competitive, learning-focused scrimmages in order to provide specific situational training.

Instruction: Coaches with over 100+ years of coaching: Adrian Shelley, Brad Crills, Ric Bromirski, Tony Andrews, Marc Andes, and more. Note: We welcome any parent who may be thinking of coaching next spring to shadow these coaches.  This is the real value of this program as coaches share their knowledge and build confidence with parent-coaches & players. 


  • Ages: 7-14 for 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U; No sections for fall as all players will receive the same training. As in prior years, Tee ball for 5 & 6 year olds will resume in the Spring.
  • Cost: $50 per player
  • Uniform: Each registered player will receive 2 shirts and 1 hat with their registration costs. Players can wear any pants/jeans they have.  If you want baseball pants, they can be ordered during registration.
  • Attendance Requirement: We understand there are other sports and obligations that occur in the fall. There is no attendance requirement for this program.  Register and then let your assigned coach know your player’s availability for the upcoming week so they can prepare the scrimmage plan accordingly.

Click here for Schedule, locations, and instructor contact information!

Program 2:  Performance Training

This will be exercise and conditioning for players who are looking to take the next step.

  • Leader: Ric Bromirski
  • Ages: For 12U and 14U (11-14 years old) only
  • Cost: No Cost
  • Schedule: Mondays & Weds 5:30-7 pm; First session is Weds September 6th.
  • Location: At the EBA Academy facility 300. West Chestnut Street
  • What to bring: No baseball equipment is needed for this program.  Please bring water and a towel.   All players should wear comfortable, exercise clothing & sneakers.   
  • Attendance Requirement: Register and attend when you can. Please communicate your player’s availability to the leader. 


  1. Why are we not playing in the LCYBL in the fall?   The EBA has a long history of providing superior instruction and game opportunities to players from K-12th grades.  The fall program, associated with LCYBL, was a good option to provide players and coaches to for additional game time experience & to build confidence.  As we progress for the future, the EBA reviewed what we wanted to accomplish and what we needed to do to achieve our goals.  We made the decision to transition to an in-house program which provides all of us more flexibility to capitalize on our K-12 cohesive program and the indoor facility for the benefit of more parent-coach & players.  We will be part of the LCYBL and Little League in the spring.
  2. Do I have to sign up for both programs?    A:  No.  Each program is run separately. 
  3. Does my player have to attend all sessions?   A:  We obviously encourage attendance as much as possible but that is the one of biggest benefits to the program.  They can attend when they can.  We just ask that the parents keep the instructors/coaches aware of the plans.  
  4. Can girls register?  A:  For sure!  The age requirements apply to all registrants!
  5.  Is there a multiple child discount?  A:  No.  We have kept the costs down to a minimum and each $50 cover
  6. Is there financial assistance?   A:  Please submit your request to paulgockley@gmail.com and we'll review each case by case. 

What age group should I choose? 

In the fall, players play at the age group that they will be in the spring.  The age group that your player's birthday falls into will automatically be chosen during registration.  For example, if they are 8 now but will be 9 by August 31st, 10U will be selected.  The age cutoff is now August 31st vs the previous April 30th for ages 10U and below.  It remains April 30th for older groups but will be phased out.  

Fall Program Benefits

  • Positional Training
  • Additional Hitting Time
  • No-score Scrimmages
  • Arm-care focus
  • Coach Development
  • Physical & Mental Conditioning

Important:  As with all new programs, there will be some bumps in the road (disorganization, misunderstandings, etc) but we thank you in advance for some patience and support for the big picture.  A similar program was done last winter with the High School team and the EBA believes in High School Coach Adrian Shelley’s vision that we play too many games and focus too much on “keeping score” in these early years.  With this new fall program, one big change for most of us (players, parents, and coaches) will not being able to say “we won” or “keep stats”. Our measurement for success will be about how much they learn, improve, and love the game.  We ask for your support in discussions with your player to support the vision and focus on learning the game without keeping score. We also invite parents to get their clearances so they can be on the field, with the coaches to ask questions, and learn as their players are learning. 


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