The fall season is designed to provide players more development time for the upcoming spring season.  Please take time to read all of the information below.  If you still have questions, please contact the registration coordinator at info@ephratabaseball.org

Registration will open July 9, 2016 and close July 24, 2016.  


Age as of 8/31/2017

League Cost Evaluation Registration Deadline
Tee Ball* Not Available NA NA NA
Coach Pitch* Not Available NA NA NA
8U - Kid Pitch 7-8 LCYBL $70 7/24/2016
10U 9-10 LCYBL $70 7/24/2016
12U 11-12 LCYBL $70 7/24/2016
14U 13-14 LCYBL $70 7/24/2016

Note:  If we don't have enough players for an age group, we will provide options (including a refund) to you. 

Why Tee Ball & Coach Pitch are not offered:  In the fall, we only participate in the LCYBL.  As such, only kid pitch age groups are offered and they start at 8U.  In the past, those levels were offered in house but there wasn't enough to field teams. 

What age group should I choose?  In the fall, players play at the age group that they will be in the spring.  The age group that your player's birthday falls into will automatically be chosen during registration.  For example, if they are 8 now but will be 9 by August 31st, 10U will be selected.  The age cutoff is now August 31st vs the previous April 30th for ages 10U and below.  It remains April 30th for older groups but will be phased out.  

Born From: To: Age Level
May 1, 2000  April 30, 2001 16  NA
May 1, 2001 April 30, 2002 15 NA
May 1, 2002 April 30, 2003 14 14U
May 1, 2003 April 30, 2004 13 14U
May 1, 2004 April 30, 2005 12 12U
May 1, 2005 August 31, 2006 11 12U
September 1, 2006 August 31, 2007 10 10U
September 1, 2007 August 31, 2008 9 10U
September 1, 2008 August 31, 2009 8 8U
September 1, 2009 August 31, 2010 7 8U

2017 AGE CHART                           MORE INFO ABOUT THE CUTOFF CHANGE

What to expect this season:

All levels  are focused on development and getting as many repetitions for each player.  While winning games is always fun, the primary goal is development.  All teams have a similar routine in the fall.  Parents and players should know that:

  • Practices are 1-3 times per week and on fields in the Ephrata area.  
  • Games will be on either Saturday or Sunday and will against teams throughout Lancaster county.
  • Games are doubleheaders (2 games vs the same team on the same day) 
Practices Game Location Games
8U - Kid Pitch 1-2 per week Lancaster County Sat or Sun
10U 2-3 per week Lancaster County Sat or Sun
12U 2-3 per week Lancaster County Sat or Sun
14U 2-3 per week Lancaster County Sat or Sun

Coaches are needed.  Please contact Ken Boley knjboley@ptd.net to inquire.  

Read more information below or


How are players assigned to teams?

The teams are assigned to sections 1,2, or 3 (if applicable) based on previous coach feedback.  Players registering after the deadline date will be placed on teams as needed to fill rosters.  The EBA does reserve the right to refuse a registration due to team capacity limitations.

Coaches for each team will not be confirmed until after registration.  Please note your registration in the comments section if you have any questions/concerns. 

Are there evaluations for the Fall Season? 

There are no pre-season evaluations for the Fall Season.

When will I know what team we're on?

We will use the email(s) provided at registration to communicate team assignment and coach information by August 20th.  To stay informed, we do recommend liking our Facebook page, Ephrata Baseball Association

When will practices and games start?

Practices will start in the middle of August and games start at the beginning of September. Finding and assigning coaches will be the key to start the season.  If you want to volunteer to coach, read our volunteer information and contact Ken Boley at knjboley@ptd.net

What does my payment cover?

The base registration fee provides each player with a full uniform ( jersey/shirt, hat, and socks).  This also covers the costs of field maintenance, equipment, and other association fees like insurance and if umpire fees.  Pants & belt for uniforms will be available to purchase separately during registration. You can purchase your own pants & belt from another source but read this information first. Each player will need to have their own glove.

Is there a discount for families with multiple players?

Families registering multiple players will receive a $10 discount for each additional after the first.  They must be registered at the same time to receive discount.

Is there a late fee?

A $20 Late Fee applies to each registration after the deadline dates listed for each team level.

Is there a fundraiser?

No fundraiser in the fall.

Is there financial assistance for those who need it?

Yes. The EBA reviews requests and awards hardship discounts received by August 1st.  Please send requests to paulgockley@gmail.com.    

Why is there a deadline to register?

The EBA is run by a volunteer team that is focused on providing a great baseball experience for players and parents.   All registrations need to be completed by the stated deadlines so that the EBA can have time to perform evaluations when applicable, have clinics for players and coaches, assign coaches and players to teams, and to plan for uniforms, fields, and other details.    Any player registered after the dates listed will be assigned to a team as needed to complete rosters. The EBA does reserve the right to refuse a registration due to team capacity limitations.                                          

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Refund Policy: 

There may be a $10 administrative fee assessed to all refunds as the league has to pay credit card fees for all registrations.  Upon receipt of request, a refund check will be mailed within 4 weeks.

·         A full refund (100%) will be granted only if requested prior to the league’s last live registration date.

·         A 50% refund will be granted only if requested prior September 1st.

·         No refunds will be granted after September 1st.*

* Exception clause: After September 1st, any refund request must be submitted in writing to the Ephrata Baseball Association and is subject to Board approval for exceptional cases only. (Exceptional cases may include: player relocation outside of the league boundary and major injury or catastrophe prior to opening day.) Please understand uniforms and hats have been ordered by this date. Uniforms constitute a large portion of the league’s annual expenses. Please send written requests to our registration coordinator at info@ephratabaseball.org.                                                                                             Back to Top                                                                                

Who do I contact about registration questions?

Please contact our registration coordinator, Brad Murphy, at info@ephratabaseball.org.

Who do I contact about coaching or season?

Please contact our Fall Coordinator, Ken Boley, at knjboley@ptd.net