2017 Spring Fundraiser information

Below you will find the car wash sale ticket order form for the EBA Spring Season Fundraiser. Each player should fill out the form providing ALL information requested. This includes salesperson’s name, team, playing level, and manager’s name.

There are two car wash ticket sale options. For the purchase price of $19.00 purchasers will receive a coupon that will entitle them to a Full Service Car Wash. For the purchase price of $8.00 purchasers will receive a coupon that will entitle them to a Express Car Wash. Coupons can be used at any Mister Hotshine location, can be upgraded and have no expiration date. 

Players are asked to sell any combination of car wash coupons that total at least $60 in sales which will be the equivalent benefit to EBA of the $30.00 opt out fee. For example your player could sell two (2) Full Service Car Wash tickets and three (3) Express Car Wash tickets and have met the $60 in sales goal.  It’s that simple!

Should you choose to opt out of the sale at this time, you may do so. Simply write OPT OUT on the form and return to your coach with a check written to EBA for $30.00.

All money should be collected at the time that an order is taken. On the order form please enter the purchasers name, number of coupons purchased, and calculate the total sale. Once you have completed your sales please enter the total dollar amount that you have received from sale at the bottom of the column labeled “Grand Total $”. Please retain all cash that you have collected and write a check to EBA for the total amount of cash collected.

Order forms and money collected should be returned to your head coach. These are due back to your coach by no later than Friday, May 13th.

Purchased coupons will be distributed on Saturday,May 21st to the coaches of your player’s team. Coaches will be responsible for ensuring that the players receive the coupons that they ordered. Salespersons will receive their order sheet and the total number of coupons that were sold. Coupons will be delivered by the salesperson to the end purchaser.

Any questions? Please contact the Fundraising Coordinator, JoAnn Musser at 484-650-1558 or Jpmusser34@gmail.com.

Thanks for your cooperation and participation!