Spring Programs

Little League® Teams (5-10 YR OLDS)

This is where it all begins!  Teeball, Coach Pitch, and Minors (Kid Pitch) teams provide coaching, practice & game, and team experiences that will be the foundation of their baseball journey!  

What to expect during the season:
  • Practices will start mid-to-late March.  The actual date will be dependent on getting a coach and completing registration.  Games will start mid-April and go through early June. The last game is usually before the end of school.  
  • Schedule:  Usually 2 games per week and are usually scheduled Monday - Saturday.  No Sundays.  Coach's typically choose to 1-2 per week, 90 minutes per practice and start at 5:30 or 6 pm. 
  • Locations:  Practices will be at an Ephrata location but games are either in Ephrata or Cocalico (or nearby).
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As they advance their baseball journey, the EPBA (Ephrata Premier Baseball Association) as part of the EBA, equips youth travel teams to compete against other county teams in the Lancaster County Youth Baseball League (LCYBL).  There are 10U, 12U, and 14U teams with sections that provide competitive baseball at a variety of skill levels. 

What to expect during the season:

  • Seasons usually start in late winter and continue through June or July and is dependent on tournaments
  • All LCYBL games are played Monday - Friday and are usually 2 per week.  Practice schedule is the coach's decision but usually is 3-4 per week.  If your player is selected to a team, the coach will communicate his practice and tournament ideas before you commit. 
  • LocationsPractices will be at an Ephrata location but games are throughout Lancaster county. They are listed here.
  • LCYBL teams are competitive and attempt to win each game.  Playing time is not guaranteed .  There are arm care policies that coaches must follow. 

Scroll down to see age groups, costs, and registration deadlines

Age Groups, Costs, and Deadlines 

These are recommended age groups.  We do have to honor age requirements in most cases but if you feel your player should play in a different age group, please email the Registration Coordinator to discuss. 

  • *Evaluations are required for 10U and 12U EPBA teams.  They are on 12/9 or 12/16 at 9, 10, or 11 am which you’ll choose during registration. To read about the evaluation criteria, here is our Evaluation Rubric

FAQ's & Guidelines

  • My player is 8-10.  Which league do I choose?

      We offer different experiences from 8-10 year olds because we participate in 2 unique leagues for that age group. Each players ability, confidence level, and commitment level is different.  Sometimes parents choose the Little League because they don't want to travel throughout Lancaster county.  Players also may not want to commit the practice time or a player's skill level isn't ready for the EPBA.  There are many variables but if a player wants to be evaluated and try to be on the EPBA 10U team, we encourage you to register for the 10U league by December 5th and attend one of the evaluations.  If they are invited to be on the further workouts, terrific.  If not, there is no problem assigning them to the Little League Kid Pitch team.  We want to provide options to encourage the best baseball experience for everyone. 
  • How do I make special requests? 

Please submit your requests during registration in the comments box.  This would include nights/days they can't make it,  carpool arrangments with other players, etc.  We will try to accommodate all requests but we cannot guarantee.  If there is something we can't fulfill, we will let you know before uniforms are ordered so a refund can be issued. 

What does our registration fee cover?

We are a non-profit organization so all monies are used towards running the league. All registration fees, sponsorships, and donations are used to cover the costs for the organization. Registration fees are used towards uniforms, insurance, equipment such as bats, balls, medical kits, tees, training aides and equipment bags.   Registration fees are not used for tournament fees.  Fundraisers help keep registration fees down and are also used to purchase additional supplies and equipment.

Is there any discounts available for registration?

For multiple children in the program, there is a $35.00 discount after the 1st child. All children must be registered at the same time.  For those who need scholarships, please email the EBA President listed on the Contact Us page.  Please let us know if money is the only reason why a child can't register.   

What other costs should I expect? 

There is a spring fundraiser which each player should try to sell at least $70.00 worth of Mr. Hotshine vouchers. Parents can choose to opt out for $35.00 during registration.

Tournaments:  Your coach may decide to enter into tournaments. They will let you know at the beginning of the season and how the team will raise funds.

Why is the cutoff date for the age groups differ?  

The age cutoff is now August 31st vs the previous April 30th for ages 10U and below groups.  It remains April 30th for older groups but will be phased out.  The Little League made the changes and explain on their website on this page.

Why is there a Late Fee?

We try to communicate via email, Facebook, and road-side signs so that parents have plenty of notice about registration dates and avoid late fees.  However we need a late fee as we have found without one registrations are delayed and the season is then delayed.  Consequently upsetting the majority who do register on time.  The late fee also pays for urgent uniform changes.  Please register as early as you can so that we can get the right amount of coaches, fields, and uniforms ready for the season.    If you do register late, we will try to assign your player to a team but due to team size limitations, coaches available, and playing time considerations, we may not be able to. 

Can I get a refund?

Full refunds are granted until uniforms are ordered and/or rosters are submitted to the leagues.  After those costs are incurred, refunds can be granted less those fees.  All refund requests should be submitted via email to info@ephratabaseball.org.

Other Questions?   Email info@ephratabaseball.org 


Uniforms & Equipment

Registration fees include jersey/hat.  Pants with belts are sold separately.  

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We need your help as a board member, coach, Team Mom, field crew, etc.   

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2018 Bat Standards:  

Read before you buy

Little League is changing their standard for approved bats starting in the spring 2018. The LCYBL is allowing bats approved in 2017 and the new bats for 2018 in the upcoming season.  Before purchasing a new bat next year, we recommend reading more about it at the link below.  

2018 Bat Standards

2017 Bat Standards