Spring Registration information

Registration opens November 13th.  Our Registration FAQ has answers to many common questions. Click here to register.

Thank you for registering as early as possible.  This allows us to recruit and train coaches, reserve fields, and assign teams. 

Ages as of 8/31/17*

Age Group     (Click to learn about age levels)

League** Cost

Registration Deadline

Late Fee Applies After:

5-6 Teeball (Rookie) In-house $40 N/A


6-8 Coach Pitch (A) In-house $85 N/A 3/1/2017
9-10 Kid Pitch (AA) In-house $125 12/6/2016 3/1/2017
9-10 10U Travel $125 12/6/2016 2/1/2017
11-12 12U Travel $125 12/6/2016 12/6/2016
13-14 14U Travel $125 12/31/2016 12/31/2016

* Age cutoff is 8/31/2017 for those born after 8/31/2005.  It remains April 30th for those born before 9/1/2005 (12U & 14U).

** In-house teams are associated with Little League and play other EBA teams in the Ephrata area.  Travel teams are associated with LCYBL and play other teams in Lancaster county.

new for 2017:

  • Uniforms:   Hats will be adjustable for In-house teams.  Select "Adjustable Hats during registration.   Coaches for Travel leagues will get to choose Flex or Adjustable. Choose a flex size.
  • Uniform Fitting Sessions:  We will have 2 opportunities for you to try on pants, shirts, and hats.  Sunday 11/20 from 2-3:30 and Sunday 12/4 2-4 pm at the EBA Academy.  If registering prior to these dates and need to change your sizes, please email info@ephratabaseball.org
  • Evaluation are 12/3 and 12/10.  AA/10U and 12U will be asked to select a date & time during registration.  This doesn't apply to Teeball, Coach Pitch, or 14U.
  • Fundraiser will be Mr. Hotshine vouchers.  You'll be able to opt out during registration.  Another option is to offset with your own fundraising to offset the costs.  i.e. sell candy bars bought from Sharp Shopper, etc.
  • Age cutoff for 10U and younger has changed.  Please see AGE CHARTS section below.
  • Registration Costs: The cost of registration did not change from 2016 for Teeball and Coach Pitch. The cost did increase $5/pp for Travel groups.

AGE Charts:

The Little League (in-house teams) and the LCYBL (travel teams) determine the age groups.

To determine what age group your player should be in, click below:

Little League Age Chart (download)                 LCYBL (view)

The Age cut off did change from April 30th to August 31st for all players born after September 1, 2005.  More on this on the Little League website.  By the 2019 season, all ages will have the August 31st cutoff.

What to expect after registering*:

  • By March 15th: First communication to parents about team, coach, and practice schedule. Actual practice starts is dependent on weather and field conditions. 
  • By April 15th: Other information such as game schedules, uniform pickup, fundraiser, and picture day information will be published. 

*Teeball (Rookie) dates may be later since registration ends April 1st. 

QUESTIONS?    See our FAQ page or email info@ephratabaseball.org