Uniform & Equipment Information

Each player is required to have a hat and glove for practice and games.  Long pants and baseball cleats (non-metal) are recommended for practice.  Uniforms are required for games. 

Including in your registration fee, each player will receive:

  1. One jersey/shirt
  2. One hat

Important: These are only guidelines.  Please order the bigger size if questionable.  


Each player needs pants.  Every team 14U and under will wear straight leg gray pants with a single black stripe that will go to the shoes.  No special socks are required.  You may purchase these during registration, $16.00 for Youth and $21.00 for Adult sizes. A belt is included. White pants with black pinstripe can be used for practice. 

Measurements are for the inseam.

Shirts - measurements are for the chest size.  


The hats will be Flex-Fit style for travel (LCYBL) teams.  Below is an example of a hat however each team will have coordinating colors.  Please see chart below and choose the best size for your player during registration. 

Important: Please carefully measure your player's head and be sure to select the correct size. Ordering the wrong size will require to pay for a replacement.  

Flex-Fit style hats are designed to fit a range of head sizes.  This is different than "Fitted" hats where they are desinged to fit a single head size. Flex-fit hats will be tighter on a big head and looser on a small head. If they are too loose, you can either sew a stitch in the band or run it through the washer to shrink. 

For in-house Little League team, MLB teams will be used again.  You'll have to select your hat size during registration but the hats will be adjustable.                                

Important: These are only guidelines.  Please order the bigger size if questionable.


The EBA provides batting helmets for all practice and games.  We certify these before each season.  You may purchase one for your player to use but you do so at your own risk as the quality rating of helmets varies. For travel teams, only helmets with an EBA approved logo can be used at games and practices.


For Rookie (Tee Ball) and A (Coach Pitch) leagues we use the "safety" balls.  This is to encourage confidence during the early years.  For all other leagues, we use standard hard baseballs.


New Bat Standards for 2018 

Little League is changing their standard for approved bats starting in the spring 2018. The LCYBL is adopting these new rules for 12U and younger age groups. Any bat that doesn't meet the requirement, can still be used for practice. Before purchasing a new bat next year, we recommend reading more about it at the link below.  


The determination of allowed bats differ in each league.  The Little League rules are here.  LCYBL currently uses Little League but here is their link to review updated information.

 Optional equipment:

Batting gloves, mouthguards, chestguards, equipment bags, and other equipment are not provided by the EBA.  Each parent should choose if they want to provide these for their player.  The EBA is not responsible for the lose or damage of any equipment purchased or owned outside of the EBA.

Uniform Coordinator & Equipment Coordinator are listed on our Contact Us page.  Please contact them with any questions.