A significant part of the EBAs success is because of great and self-less volunteers!  If you are looking to volunteer for fields maintenance, fundraiser coordinator, picture day coordinator, etc, contact your coach, current board member, or our Volunteer Coordinator.

To volunteer as a coach, assistant coach or board member, please read below. 

background checks: keeping our players safe

Beginning July 1, 2015, an adult in PA applying for an unpaid position as a volunteer responsible for the welfare of a child or having direct contact with children will need clearances.  All EBA Board members and coaches will need all clearances. 

To be considered for coaching with EBA,

  1. All clearances must be submitted and kept up to date
  2. Must read and comply with concussions and other safety equipment. 
  3. For the higher skill and knowledge levels (i.e. 10U & above), the head coach needs to be qualified.

2 Easy Clearance Steps:

  1. Get your clearances.  
  2. Submit your clearances to EBA in 1 of 3 ways.

See FAQ section for other questions.

Step #1. Get your clearances:  

All coaches need the Child Abuse, PA Criminal Background, and FBI Clearance/Affidavit. 


Little League coaches also need the Volunteer Application completed. 

            New Little League Volunteer                      Returning Little League Volunteer     

IMPORTANT: Concussions and Other Safety Information:  

All coaches should read and complete the concussion information on this page: www.ephratabaseball.org/safetyinfo.html

Step #2. Submit your clearances to EBA: 

  • Submit during registration of your player.  After selecting you want to be a coach or assistant coach, you'll be prompted to submit the clearances. 
  • If you don't have a player or didn't state you wanted to coach during registration, go to this link and click "Volunteer to Coach". 
  • The 4th clearance for Little League will need to be done via email or hand delivery to your head coach who will submit to Chris or LL Director.

Email Chris Dydo at ebavolunteer@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

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Clearance FAQ:

When should I start the clearance process?

To avoid delaying practicing, please get them in asap. If you think you'll be involved with at least assistant coaching, or a clinic, in the upcoming year, we recommend starting immediately.  

Can I use clearances I already have?

Yes. If that organization will provide you a copy then you can submit the copies.  In some instances, organizations who pay for the clearances will not allow you to use that clearance for another organization.  We hope that isn't the case because you'll need new clearances.  However, this time own the documents and can use for every organization that requires. 

Who pays for my clearances?

The volunteer is responsible for paying the cost of the required clearances. You'll be able to use these same clearances for every organization that requires them.  If you submit your applications after July 25, 2015, there will be no costs for PA Child Abuse & the PA Criminal clearances.  FBI Clearance, if applicable, will have a cost.  See link for FAQs below for more information.

The only time the EBA is required to bear the cost of the clearance is when there is reasonable belief that the volunteer was arrested or convicted of an offense that would deny participation or named as a perpetrator in an indicated or founded report. In these situations, the EBA must immediately require the volunteer to obtain their clearances

How do I know when I'm approved to coach?

After submitting all clearances, you'll be assigned a team by the Coordinator and will be notified by the Coordinator.  If you want to proactively check on the status, email the ebavolunteer@gmail.com or the Coordinator for that season as listed here.

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EBA's definition of a coach: any person who will be on the field or the bench during practices or games or someone who is leading or assisting with any clinic or practice involving players.  Team Parents or scorekeepers are not included as long as they are not interacting with the players (they should not be on the field or the bench).  All EBA Board members will also have all clearances. 

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Other Resources:

Keep Kids Safe Website

PA Department of Human Services

PA DHR Volunteer FAQs

Thank you for cooperating and working with us to ensure we are compliant with the law but more importantly we are completing our due diligence in keeping our kids safe!