Spring 2024 Registration


We highly encourage everyone to read this information thoroughly. During your registration you will also be asked to acknowledge the EBA Code of Conduct Agreement that outlines proper parent responsibilities and conduct during practices and games.  Please read and understand this document as well.

We will be accepting registrations for the 2024 Spring baseball season starting on November 1st, 2023.  If you have a player interested in playing for EBA this coming spring, please register as soon as possible.  Due to league commitments and for planning purposes, we need to solidify our rosters for the Spring season by February 2024.  We make every effort to place every registered player on a team. Depending on the number of players registered in an age group and coach volunteers, we may not have enough resources to fulfill a team and will provide refunds and/or other options for the players that are not assigned to a team. The EBA and its Coaches will use evaluations, workouts, and/or prior coach feedback to assign players to teams. The EBA and its Coaches will make all final decisions on player placement to teams.

  • Rookies:  Ages: 5 and 6 (Stays in Ephrata Area)
  • Minors: Ages: 6 to 8 (Stays in Ephrata Area)
    • NOTE: 8-year-olds will ALL be registered to 10U so that the EBA can evaluate the players of this age. Any players not ready for 10U will be placed at 8U and a refund of the difference will be provided.
  • Majors/10U Select: Ages: 8 to 10 (All players 8 to 10 will be evaluated. This age group will have 2 types of teams: 10U Select and Majors. 10U Select teams will be filled by invite only based on evaluations. All others will play on Majors teams for further development).
  • 12U, & 14U are Select teams that will play in the LCYBL and will play other teams in Lancaster County and surrounding area.

Age Chart:  All age groups have a cut-off of 4/30.  As an example, two players in the same grade with one having a birthdate of 4/30 and the other born on 5/1, they could be in different age groups.   When doing the online registration, your age group options will display based on the age you listed in your account setup.

EBA Spring Registration Fees:

EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNTS: Register between November 1st and December 31st and receive $15 off your registration fee.  After January 1st there will be no discount. The table below are the registration fees without the discount for registering early.

Installment payment plans are also available again this season.  We are allowing payments to be split into 4 payments if you register in November and December. Anyone registering late in January will only have the option to split into 3 installments.



  • All optional off-season Winter Workouts will start in November. Get registered early to join in these workouts and receive communications on dates and times.
    • You must be registered to join these workouts.
  • The registration fee does include the uniform consisting of a Jersey and Hat. If your player needs pants, they can order them during registration which will include a belt as well.
    • Some select teams may decide to purchase a 2nd Jersey which will be at their cost and coaches will communicate this to you along with the associated costs.  Please see the Uniform & Equipment section for details.
  • Multiple-child discount of $15 for each player when registering 2 or more players is automatically applied with online registration when all players are registered at the same time.
  • Refund Policy: If a refund is requested, we reserve the right to reduce the refund by any costs that we’ve incurred.  Examples of those costs are registration fees, uniforms, league fees, etc. Submit your request via email to info@ephratabaseball.org with the player’s name and reason.  If approved, you’ll receive a refund within four weeks from requested date.
  • Financial Assistance Scholarships can be requested and reviewed by emailing info@ephratabaseball.org.  Please include your player’s name, age level, and we will help in any way we can.


What to expect after registration:

EVALUATIONS: All players from ages 8 and up will need to be evaluated.  Evaluations will be held in January 2024. The last page of the registration, your confirmation page will include a link to the Signup Genius form to select a date and time to have your players evaluated. These will typically be held on weekends but if your player is playing a winter sport and cannot make a date, please email us at info@ephratabaseball.org and we will work with you to get something scheduled.

Listed below are some important details about each age group.

Rookies and Minors Teams:
Official practices start: Mid-Late March
Practices: 2, 1-1.5 hr. practices per week
Games Start: Mid-April
Season Ends: Early June

Majors In-house Teams: 
Official practices start: Early-Mid March
Practices: 2 to 3, 1.5-1.75 hr. practices per week
Games Start: Early-Mid April
Season Ends: Early June

10U Select Teams:
Official practices start: Early-Mid March
Practices: 2 to 3, 1.5-1.75 hr. practices per week
Games Start: Early-Mid April
Season Ends: Mid-June
12U/14U Select Teams:
Official practices start: Early March
Practices: 2 to 3, 1.5-2 hr. practices per week
Games Start: Early-Mid April
Season Ends: (12U) Mid-Late June & (14U) Mid-July

All 10U/12U/14U select rosters will be determined by February and coaches will then communicate team practice schedules and season expectations.  Your coach will determine their team’s practice frequency and schedule. 

Coaches may also enter their team into tournament(s) and that will be explained at the beginning of the season at a team parent meeting with your coaches.  Please let your coach know of any scheduling conflicts as soon as you know and remind the coach as you progress through the season.

Uniform & Equipment Information

Each player is required to have a hat and glove for practices and games.  Uniforms are required for games. Metal cleats are only allowed at the 14U level. We recommend molded plastic cleats for all other age levels.

During registration, you’ll be asked to select a hat size of either SM, MD, or LG.

Each player needs baseball pants.  For games, every team 14U and under will wear straight leg gray pants with a single black stripe that will go to the shoes.  No special socks are required.  You may purchase these during registration or from another location.  Our prices are $30.00 for all sizes and a belt is included.  Measurements are for the waist.  The length is adjustable with Velcro.




For Rookies and Minors leagues we use the “safety” balls.  This is to encourage confidence during the early years.  For all other age groups, we use the appropriate hard baseballs for that age.

Batting gloves, mouthguards, chest guards, equipment bags, and other equipment is not provided by the EBA. The EBA is not responsible for the loss or damage of any equipment purchased or owned outside of the EBA. The EBA will supply each team a team bag which will include shareable items like bats, helmets and catcher’s gear. If the team bag doesn’t have something of proper size, the coaching staff can reach out to our equipment director to get the proper size where needed.

Ways to Register:

Online Registration: To register your child online, click here. It’s a fast and easy process to get your child signed up for the season.



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